Level Up Issues

We can’t seem to level up our characters anymore. Changing the number in the features section doesn’t save. The only changes we can make is to the name.

We can level up by dragging Journal entry classes onto the sheet but now we have to make one for all my players and NPCS.

This is most likely caused by a module that broke the feature. First, make sure you have updated your system to the latest version, and update all the modules, if that doesn’t help, disable any recently enabled module, then try with all modules disabled. You can then re-enable them in small batches until you find which one caused it to stop working.
I hope that helps.

I have disabled all modules and have been messing with it. We still can’t get it to work in either campaigns we have for 5e. We’ve just been adding blank classes to track levels correctly.

What version of the dnd5e system are you using? Make sure it’s up to date (0.98 is the latest I believe). Otherwise, if dnd5e is up to date, you’re on stable branch and there are no enabled modules… I don’t see why it wouldn’t work…