[Level up Advanced 5th Edition(A5e)] [LFP] [15$ Session] [Homebrew Campaign] Imadell

Looking for players who want to take on the world of Imadell, a custom setting with brimming potential, where players may freely decide how to brave its landscape as part of a ragtag group hoping to rise through the ranks of the Adventurers Guild. All players will start at Level 5 with 700 Gold in their pockets and a 25 point-buy system for character stats.
Sessions will be hosted on Fridays 9pm GMT+2 or 2pm EST (Daylight savings might shift session time a bit)

Feel free to contact me for further information/show of interest either here or on Discord (Username: dpengu_)

Party Update
1/5 Spots Filled

Party Update
2/5 Spots filled

Party Update
3/5 Spots Filled

Party Update
We’ve finished session 0 and will be having session 1 this coming 11th(date was shifted for this week due to circumstances but will resume as normal after)
4/5 Spots filled

Party is full! Thank you for everyone that reached out :heart: