League of Extraordinary Foundry Devs Package Jam!

The League of Extraordinary Foundry Developers Discord just reached a 100+ members. To celebrate, we are launching a package jam for foundry!

There will be 10 categories, and the winners will be mailed a Foundry D20 Acrylic pin!
Additionally, certain categories have bonus prizes, as sponsored by the community. We want to reward not only developers, but our beloved content contributors as well, so some of the categories go to people, not projects.

League Discord: https://discord.gg/zZJMUkt


  1. Your package can be a world, system, module, or library. Your content can be translations, art, bug reports, feature requests, documentation, or videos
  2. All packages and content must be created after the start of the Jam
  3. All packages and content must be freely available to install / use / consume
  4. Submissions must be made before October 1st
  5. Submissions must be made to #package-jam-submissions where voting will be done
  6. You obviously can’t violate laws / copyright
  7. You can work together as a team, but I’m only sending one Pin per category
  8. In the event that one Project / Person wins more than once, Pins will be sent to runner ups (or additional team members, as appropriate)
  9. Knowing that ya’ll are clever people, rules subject to change once someone pokes a hole in them
  10. Any categories marked “(evaluated by us)” refers to @Discord Circus Ring Masters and @Discourse Anti-Chaos Team , who are not eligible to win, but are welcome to participate anyways 11) Have fun, or else

Project Categories

  1. Project Most Liked [$100 crypto bonus prize]
  2. Hackiest - does something in Foundry no one thought Foundry could do, such as Theatre Time (evaluated by us)
  3. Most Creative - does something in Foundry that makes sense could be done but wow what an amazing idea, such as Card Support (evaluated by us) [$100 donation to an animal shelter of your choice to support puppies bonus prize]
  4. First Package - A random person out of those who submit their very first package [$50 cash bonus prize]
  5. Most Useful - solves the biggest problem Foundry users have (evaluated by us) [$50 cash or to a good cause bonus prize]
  6. Most Polished - The package that has the nicest UI/UX and the most intuitive to use, preferably with no easy-to-encounter bugs [$50 cash bonus prize]

Person Categories

  1. Video Star - Most favorited Youtube video about Foundry [$100 cash bonus prize]
  2. Tower of Babel - Contributed the most language translations to contest packages
  3. Reporter - Opened the most bug reports / feature requests to contest packages
  4. Cartographer - Contributed the most documentation to contest packages
  5. Artist - Contributed the most custom art to contest packages