Larger webm background not loading anymore

For about a week now scenes with larger background webm videos (around 15 mb) won’t load anymore.

The scenes loaded fine before, so I wonder if a new size limitation has been introduced? I am playing from the european servers if that matters.


One odd thing I just realized is that it works for me as a GM or my players when logged in with Firefox. But it doesn’t work when using Chrome. Which is really strange since webm is ab Google format :man_shrugging:
And Chrome is recommended for Foundry.

Hey there :wave:

Is it possible that you might be running an extension on Chrome that is blocking these?

No, just vanilla Chrome without any extensions.

I`ll check my privacy settings to see if something prohibits webm.

Settings look fine, nothing obviously odd.
As a side note, I only use Chrome for Foundry/Forge. So very unlikely that I changed anything important or by accident. Just updated Chrome as usual.

It might have something to do with Chrome’s caching. Do you happen to have under 4GB (or very little space) available on your primary drive?

In some cases, if Chrome believes it doesn’t have enough space to cache images properly, it might fail to load them entirely.

You could also test if this is caching related by opening your dev tools console with F12, navigating to the Network tab, and ticking on Disable cache temporarily.

Thanks again @phi !
That was it, to little space on my primary drive. Freed up some space and it is working again!
You really know your way around this kind of stuff!
Much appreciated!