Knight of Sigmar Looking for Party

Victor Schwarz. A Knight of Sigmar [or a Squire]. Future to be inheritor of the keep placed on the border between Reikland and Middenland. Noble blood. His family has quite an influence on the empire since its a Knights Family, its crest is Black Gryphon and their are called Schwarzgriffens. His father is said to be an owner of a Jade Gryphon. He has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Especially notable brother is the one which was banned from the lands of his family and become a Solkanite Witch Hunter. His sister is missing - kidnapped by Slaanesh cult possibly from Nuln Academy.

Now for hire. Looking for a party to prove himself.
Availability - Fridays and Sunday, evening hours of European Central Time.
Any WFRP edition.
[Free games only.]