Kingmaker [LFP] [Pathfinder 2E] [Paid $20 per session] [LGBTQIA+ Friendly] [Campaign] [Weekly] [Foundry VTT] [Start Playing] [Discord] [Online]

Kingmaker [Pathfinder 2E] [Paid $20 per session] [LGBTQIA+ Friendly] [Campaign] [Weekly] [Foundry VTT] [Start Playing] [Discord] [Online]


I am looking for 2 or more players to fill out a party in an up coming Pathfinder 2e Kingmaker campgin session zero will be on June 21st.

Platform: Foundry and Discord

Time: Fridays at 4pm PST/7pm EST

Regularity: Weekly

For generations, the Stolen Lands have spanned the southern border of Brevoy. Many attempts have been made to settle them, but to date, none have succeeded, making these 35,000 square miles of wilderness the largest swath of unclaimed land in the entire River Kingdoms. As tensions mount in Brevoy, one of Rostland’s swordlords hopes to change that fact; she plans to issue charters to several groups of adventurers, sending them south into the Stolen Lands to reopen old trade routes and defeat the bandits and monsters who have made them too dangerous to use. By sending free agents south, this swordlord of Rostland hopes to create new allies without sacrificing her own position of power in Brevoy.

Yet as with most complex and brilliant plans, the future holds plenty of opportunities for disaster.

About me, I’m a nonbinary AuDHD GM with over 15 years of experience running TTRPGs from D&D3.5, to Pathfinder 2e, to EotE Star Wars. I’ve been running online for about the last 6 years, with the first 4 of those being on Roll20 and the last 2 being on Foundry.

I specialize in dungeon crawls and challanging combats, and really enjoy creating custom monsters, and items to reward players. I’m a few months into my first run of Kingmaker and am loving the characters within the champgin and very much looking forword to seeing how they interact with a new group of characters.

Sessions will be $20.

What you need:

Does the game sound fun but the timing won’t work? I have lots of free time in my schedule and would love to run a game when it works for you! Please reach out to me here, on StartPlaying, or through Discord (where I can be found @ kraytriver) to discuss a time that will work for you! (Please note that while I am happy to talk on whatever platform you find best for communication, I use StartPlaying to handle the scheduling and payment of all my games.)