Kevin's Starter Modules Recommendations

"Must have"
Grid Scaler

A tool to easier align you map with the grid. Foundry currently has a good method for it, but I think this one will save a DM about 3 mins per map. It’s a lot of annoying work that will easily be passed by with this module.


A module that makes it easy to see what your players actually want you to see. Or if you really want to, you can make them focus on a specific spot.


Having trouble changing between tokens because vision blocks such, this module makes it an easy right click to de-select. Anyone used to the R20 will find this one helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

VTTA Tokenizer

Makes pictures easier to put in and customize. And can easily change the Token of the creature to something pre-set, or add your own token-border.


Really helps with realism, Personally don’t like to go into each token changing values if someone drops a torch. If your whole party are goblins ignore this one :wink:

Permission Viewer

An easy to navigate UI is always nice, if something isn’t working correctly with vision and such, or players have access to something they shouldn’t. This one helps you find all those strange encounters when people say they can’t see anything :wink:

Use music in your games?

Easy to use, helps you through encounters, plays playlists, sounds, anything music related. Starts tracks on combat, scene start, etc. Just improves the times as a DM where you have to do a lot of things, and one of the players goes “There isn’t any music :c”.

Playlist Import

Imports all those tracks from a folder, so you don’t have to put in all your 200 tracks individually.

D&D 5e
Used to D&D beyond?

Browser application that makes the Dndbeyond site totally interactable so your players don’t need to learn “that new sheet”.


Replaces the default character sheet with one that closer resembles Dndbeyond. A bit harder to navigate, but is essentially the same.

VTTA D&D Beyond Integration

Importing characters and monsters into foundry has never been easier. This tool lets you import anything you have access to in dndbeyond. If you want everything in foundry, this is the easiest method to copy from Dndbeyond.

Chrome Extension:

General Life improvements
Utility Belt

Anything combat related, helps out in what way you want. It also reminds you on concentration, and you can allow it to automatically ask you to use saves if someone hits you while you have concentration on.

QOL improvements

A lot of neat things like auto-hp reduction. A lot of automization for DM’s who are stressed :stuck_out_tongue:

BetterNPC Sheet

Keeps it simple.

Want fun?
Fx Master

Makes everything a tid bit more ambient! moving effects that keep people interested.


For roleplayers that want to whisper something in their language so nobody else understands anything.

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What? None of my stuff in the “Must have”!? :sob:


It is basically “essentials”
I really wanted to add Furnace there too, but Stream hit before.
But that one is going into “General life improvements”
I couldn’t imagine being on foundry without those. But also… I have like 45 Modules that I want to add to the list, so you know… it’s hard to “choose”

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lol, yeah, it’s hard to choose. I think from mine, permission viewer is the one that would be a must have, rather than furnace.

That is actually true, I’ll add that one.
I forget that because I don’t use it doesn’t mean anyone else won’t use it.
Probably a good indicator for new DM’s.
My ruleset is fairly clear: you get ahold of your own token and a Journal each. That’s it.


It’s just a small change for a more streamlined NPC sheet.

It was supposed to be in there, don’t know why it wasn’t.

A short description of what each does (or since this is “Kevin’s recommandations”, in your own words, why you like each module. As is, you open the details and all you get all links

Should be enough ^^
Hope my descriptions are fine.

This isn’t quite accurate. This module basically changes the character template to match the look of dndbeyond. Saying they are able to access dndbeyond from Foundry is not correct.

Cheers, hope my new statement clarifies things. :heart: