Keep Server Unpaused

Looked for this here, but couldn’t find anything (sorry if I missed it), but is there a setting to keep a server ‘unpaused’? It would be super handy if my players could login anytime, and play around with their characters when I (the DM) am not logged in? I typically setup a ‘Practice Dummy’ NPC in a ‘Practice Map’ they can beat on to test things, but of course that’s not working because it automatically pauses after I logout.


Unfortunately, Foundry automatically pauses the game when the server is launched and it has no way of saving that state. It is also a client side setting so a simple macro can let your players unpause it for themselves :

if (game.paused) game.togglePause()

Create a script macro with the above code and make it available to your players to click on to unpause the game whenever they need to.