Keep module folder structure for compendiums?

So I used R20Converter and the Forge’s import wizard to bring in some of my Roll20 adventures as modules in my main world. I enabled the compendium modules, but unfortunately the original folder organization for things like actors, items, and journal entries are lost when using them this way.

In the original adventure modules, journal entries (for example) would have subfolders organizing them by chapter, etc. If I import them from the compendium version of the module I created for Forge, that folder structure is lost despite journal entries still being organized by the original folder structure inside of my assets library for Forge.

However, if I import the exported adventures as worlds in Forge, then the folder structure of the adventure is retained. But I’m piecing together several of those Roll20 adventures as modules in my main world so that’s why I thought importing them as modules (versus having individual worlds) would be the better way to go.

How do I get all that precious folder organization back when using exported modules as compendiums? The Compendium Folders module from the Bazaar cannot fix this unfortunately.

Thank you for your help

That’s a FoundryVTT limitation right there, there is no Folder support in FoundryVTT compendiums at all (thus why a Module had to make it possible, the Compendium Folders module you mentioned).


Maybe I should start over, import the adventures as worlds, create new shared compendiums, and then use Compendium Folders to export the folder structures? Would that be a better way to accomplish my goal of being able to bring in different aspects of different adventures into one main world?

Gonna do a test before I start uploading all that data again!

Yup, I think that’s the solution. Exporting folder structure with Compendium Folders into a shared compendium seems to work like I want.

Back to the drawing board…

Well going this way (using Compendium Folders to export folder structures to shared compendiums) works better, but now the item order for folders is lost on import meaning everything in the imported folders reverts to alphabetical sorting… Not a big deal with most folders, but it does make some folders trickier to navigate. I just can’t win!

Oh well. Better than having no organization at all.

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think Foundry by default (since I don’t remember which version) decided to go with alphabetical sorting by default instead of respecting the item’s sort order.
You need to right click on the folder, then edit, then change the sorting mode from alphabetical to manual. That should restore the order that they would have been in within the compendium.

The problem is that once exported to a shared compendium, the sort order is lost even if set to manual before the export. After importing from a shared compendium, setting folder order to manual doesn’t work because the new manual order is the order that Compendium Folders imported an item to a folder.

Anyway, I can’t wait until Forge offers D&D Beyond imports. That looks like it will save a lot of time!