Just open my game after a couple of weeks and most things don't work


Been out of my game for a couple of weeks, and now wanted to come back to the game and it doesn’t work at all. Comparing to my local version it looks like The Foundry version isn’t the same (9.269 local vs 9.280 at the Forge).
My game area is pitch black and my macros don’t work anymore.
I can’t believe something would be changed on the game without the user authorization, right?

I would bet you’re using the Perfect Vision Module.

Update your Modules.

Perfect Vision had patched a core FoundryVTT Memory Leak with texture loading that existed up until 9.269. FoundryVTT patched it out in v9.280, so Perfect Vision had to be updated to remove it’s own fix.

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but I don’t understand. Why is the Forge updating my session without my knowledge? I didn’t want any updates!!

Do you mean the FoundryVTT Version?

You’re likely set on Latest Stable in your Account settings. That will always keep you on the “Latest Stable” FoundryVTT version, which 9.280 very much is.

You can manually set your FoundryVTT version here: The Forge to whatever you desire.

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aaah, I see.
Ok, updating my modules made things work. Thanks for the support
I now fixed my Foundry Version until I am done.

I’d recommend setting to v9.280. It’s quite stable, and has some security fixes backported from v10.

v10 will EVENTUALLY be promoted to “Latest Stable”, so setting to v9.280 is quite advisable, until you’re 100% sure (backups in hand from v9) that you’re wanting to try v10.

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