Journey Through Jotunheim [5e][LFP][Paid][Tue 7pm GMT+1][Weekly Campaign]

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3 times a month, Tuesdays at 7pm GM+1. First game on 2024-02-06T18:00:00Z

:scroll: Open-world, character-driven campaign

Have you ever wanted to study flying whales and dragons?
Uncover the controversy between Giants and Smallfolk and their four wars?
Explore the land teeming with lore, mysteries, and legends?
Become a Hive criminal or Nolscarian mercenary?
Sparkstone seeker, tomb-breaker, or titan hunter?
Airship captain, Assembly member, or Sister of the Wild?
Will you venture into the frigid wilderness or make your fortune across floating cities?
Break into arcane vaults?
Fight with your might, learn forgotten spells, or craft a powerful automaton to life?

These are the questions you’ll wrestle with as you start your journey through the land of the Giants in the floating capital of Kronna, one autumn morning when a decade-long winter finally knocks.

:memo: Aditional Details:
Discord, Foundry VTT/Forge, DnDBeyond. No additional purchases for players.

$20 per session, half price for early birds. Session zero (in form of a 1on1 call) is free.