Join hundreds of players on ADVENTURE ON for D&D 5e

We are a community of D&D 5e players that organize for multiple games every week. Open table, plug-and-play, low-commitment, chill games is what we are about! There is no global character progression and signups require a single button click. We also have many resources for new and returning players available. Our members are ready to help make your D&D experience truly unforgettable!

  • Slots Available: Unlimited
  • System Used: D&D 5e
  • Style: We have Live games and Play-by-Post
  • Session Duration: 3-4 hours / session
  • Schedule: Multiple days of the week accommodating US and EU time zones
  • Requirements: Must be at least 13 years old

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I would love to join if there’s a server on discord you have I could join or dms?

Hi! The link to the server is in the original message. In case it doesn’t work, please message me in Discord @ncast.