Join Acquisitions Incorporated: Adventurers Wanted! Professional Game Master 15 per session, Tuesday 8pm EST

Join Acquisitions Incorporated: Adventurers Wanted!

Introduction : Are you ready to embark on a corporate adventure like no other? Acquisitions Incorporated is recruiting intrepid individuals to join our ranks and explore the thrilling world of corporate adventuring! Join us in a campaign that blends commerce, comedy, and chaos into a unique D&D experience.

Campaign Setting: Our campaign is set in the bustling city of Waterdeep, where the Acquisitions Incorporated franchise thrives. You’ll play as employees (or interns!) of the renowned adventuring corporation, tasked with uncovering treasures, negotiating contracts, and navigating the challenges of corporate life in a high-fantasy world.

Character Requirements: While all character classes and races are welcome, we encourage characters with a flair for business, intrigue, or a dash of humor. Creativity and a willingness to embrace the corporate theme are highly encouraged!

Player Expectations: We’re looking for dedicated players who can commit to regular sessions [Specify frequency, e.g., “bi-weekly on Saturdays at 6 PM EST”]. Role-playing is strongly encouraged, and a sense of humor will serve you well in this campaign. A willingness to engage with the corporate world and delve into comedic situations is a must!

Application Process: Interested in joining our corporate ranks? Send us a PM [Provide a contact method, such as a forum PM or email] with the following:

If you’d like to request an invite to play, then simply send me a private message with the following information:
Your name:
Campaign name/day/time:
Your Discord ID:
Briefly describe what you’re looking for in a gaming experience:
Your online D&D experience: none / beginner / intermediate / expert
Do you understand that the game costs $15 per session or per month via PayPal
Provide a few details about your character such as name, class, race, and backstory. (It’s OK if you haven’t decided yet.)