It'll be a Nice Trip in the Forest... [LFP] [One-Shot] [Paid] [5e]

Game: D&D 5e
Group type: Online - Discord / D&D Beyond / Forge (Foundry VTT)
Experience: Any level is welcome
Location/Timezone: Online / 6:30pm London time
Schedule: Paid One-shot, set to play on 25th January 2023
Roles sought: Looking for up to 6 players
Game style: Combat and Roleplay
Payment: £10 per player via PayPal, or sign up through my Patreon

The Adventure
You are part of Adventurers Inc, a well-known adventuring guild. You and your companions have just finished a semi-lucrative contract only to get stuck in the village of Camoria waiting for a ride back to Headquarters. It’s going to be at least a week. But already, you’ve heard of potential jobs to keep you busy until then: a child has disappeared in the forest, bandits roam the area creating trouble for the locals, and a merchant is looking for people to help him retrieve a family heirloom. All in a days work for you, really…

Characters will start at level 5, with your choice of rolling for stats (4d6 drop the lowest) or using the standard array. All will start with their starting equipment, 1 free uncommon magical item, and 300 golds in their pockets from their recent contracts. All official D&D content is allowed as well as Tasha’s rules. Interested parties should either reply to this thread or send me a PM. Please note that payment will need to be made ahead by 24th January to secure your place at the table.