Items breaking Character sheet

Playing a game of Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition, when opening the deatils tab of certain items my character sheet is no longer accessable and i must import a backup to make it work again.
The first and main item I’ve had this issue with is the Zweihander item. There is no error message, it just breaks.

Could you post your modules list? Does it fix upon reload?

we are only running the base ruleset i think. it doesn’t work after reload no.

i looked into the export files and the ‘flaws’ quality changes after opening the details tab

So, it might be the system, have you updated it recently?

The DM says he updated it a day or two ago.

Right, did you ask about modules too? Just for security.
I am not familiar with the Warhammer system myself, but that sounds like a system/sheet bug if not.
That should be taken with the System dev, or maybe I’ll contact Kakaroto to see if something is off.

When you say there is no errors, have you checked console?

Just checked, we have no mudules running.
we have not checked the console, how would we go about that? The DM doesnt know how

Can you ask your DM what is the installed version of the warhammer system ?

You would press f12, preferably the DM, and click “console” in the top right.
There you can look after any red errors, If you could screenshot those, that would be great ^^

we just updated the game again and it seems to have fixed the issue. despite the compendium, but thats a copyright thing aparently.

so for now it seems to be fixed at least. Thanks for the quick repsonses, and helpfulness.

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