Item icons replaced with item-bag.svg

Hi, I´m new to The Forge but I am already having issues.
I have imported my world without issue, but after that in a seemingly random fashiong, some item icons are replaced with item-bag.svg instead of displaying the proper icon. This happen with items imported directly from the dnd5e items compendium, and once an item has its icon replaced, it stays like that, so over time more and more items loose their icons, see the image below:

Hey there :wave:

Hmm, we don’t alter the image URLs, so it sounds like it’s something that’s coming from either Foundry, the dnd5e system, or a specific module. Have you been able to confirm whether this happens with all modules de-activated?

Thanks for the info!
It has always worked locally with the same config, but it is true that I have added the module Token Action HUD.
I´m experimenting trying to replicate the problem but it was always random and kind of rare (but really anoying)

If I identify the source of the issue I will post it here.
Thank you for your help!

Thanks! Any info will help, yeah! If we can figure out how to replicate it reliably then we’ll be able to figure find out how to implement the fix.

I’ve heard of this reported before, but I’ve not been able to replicate it. I wonder if there is a model validation step that tries to check the image texture and defaults it to a default if the texture isn’t loaded om time, or something like that. Those sorts of issues might not arise in a local environment but might be more prevalent when there’s loading over a network.

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