Issues with joining game as it keeps asking for a license key after 3 people join

Me and my friends are trying to play PF2E Strength of Thousands AP. However, recently we’ve had an issue pop up where after 3 people join the game with no issues whatsoever, the rest has to input a license key and afterwards even the people that joined before have the same issue after reloading.

Hey there kiro, can you please provide a screenshot of the issue in question? This is a very strange error, and the more we see the more we can help you.

Of course, here’s how it looks after the 3 joins. Whenever a key would be inputted all of the players that managed to join the game would lose connection as well, if that helps.
The problem as far as I can tell arose roughly 2 weeks ago which we dismissed as some issues with the servers though it seems it persisted.

It’s not displayed here but the game link is essentially:

Hmm, I think something is actually going wrong with the Foundry server when the last person joins and it’s displaying the license page as a fallback of some kind.

Have a look here at your Foundry server’s debug logs for the last entries before the error happens. There’s likely some kind of error being logged there that would explain what’s going on.

I’d also recommend trying to replicate it in Safe Configuration to eliminate possible package errors.

Please let us know if you manage to find the cause after trying these, or else you might need to create a ticket in the #ticket-support channel of our Discord server, where you can post an invite to the game to have one of us hop in with you and troubleshoot it from the inside.

Looking at your account’s logs, I can see this message from Foundry :

{"level":"warn","message":"Expiring invalid software license","timestamp":"2022-11-08 18:39:15"}

I have also checked, and your Foundry license is indeed being returned as being invalid, which means it got revoked by Foundry, which is generally what they do if the license key was publicly leaked or the buyer asked for a refund.
If that isn’t your case, then I recommend you contact the Foundry Gaming support to ask why your license key has been invalidated.

I don’t think this is related to having 3 players sign in, but rather it’s just the time it takes Foundry to check and realize that the license has been revoked.
The Forge re-validates all licenses every month (and in your case, it’s scheduled to be done in 2 days), and in which case, it wouldn’t have let you launch Foundry either.

I see, thank you for the clarification!
I will be contacting Foundry support to see what the issue is and how to resolve it. :smiley: