Issue with Polyglot module Fonts

I have been trying to get Polyglot to work with Foundry. It works fine on my local Foundry and works a somewhat on my Forge version. The drop down menu for languages works and changes language visibility by token fine BUT it seems like the runes/font don’t load or work on Forge. Instead just random letters and numbers take the place of the fantasy font. See image. Tested with literally 0 other modules. Any ideas?

Hi @vegas2121 I just have this issue as well, and report to the creator on the github page, they told me to downgrade the version of Polyglot. For fix that I install and old version and it works for me.

I have install the version of Polyglot

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i had the same issue, its been fixed now. You might have to uninstall the module and reinstall it.

Great thank you, it does seem to work now.