Issue with players connecting to the server

One of my players is currently having trouble connecting to my foundry server. He gets the following error:
This game is being configured. Only the game owner can access its configuration.

I am not currently configuring the game. The server is online. Tried restarting it, issue persists.

Thank you for the help.

That error will appear if you’re on the /setup page of Foundry. It’s a protection measure to prevent a player from stumbling into the admin page and potentially deleting all your worlds (as someone already did to one user before this protection was implemented on The Forge).
You need to launch a world before your players can access them.

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Hi, I wasn’t on the Forge website when the error started appearing though.

Was a game world selected? If you simply restart and don’t launch a world, your players would see that error.

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I don’t know what did it but everything works now. Thanks.