Issue with animated battlemaps

Hello, i’m brand new to the forge, and happy to switch from the old Roll20. I’m having terrible issues with my animated battlemaps. They are sometimes loading, sometimes not, 50%, 98% … then nothing happened and i cant switch to other scene. I’m obliged to leave the game, sometimes to log out , to be able to restore my game. It has been happenning using a module of packaged maps , or when i directly upload it to my scene folder in the assets. My CPU is a good one, i’ve already been checking the navigator (chrome) and done all the steps to make it quicker (acceleration etc …) . All is perfectly working with regular 2D maps but not as soon as i put a simple animated one. please help if you can !

I would like to know how big the map is, if you have any modules enabled and if you let it load for a while?

Some things you can try:
Disable all modules for the map.
You don’t have to log out, a simple F5 refresh should do the trick ^^
Does the map have a lot of tiles? In that case try without anything else.