Is transition from Trial to Subscription disruptive?

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I have started a Trial period on ForgeVTT to try it out for an upcoming convention (PaizoCon 2024) which is happening this weekend. This weekend also coincides with the end of my trial period so I was looking for some reassurance that the switchover from Trial to Sub is not disruptive (i.e. if it happens during a game my players and I won’t be disconnected, no data or worlds will be lost, etc.)

Am I right to assume it should be a smooth transition?


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You’ll likely have found that the transition is not disruptive, as long as the trial isn’t cancelled before the subscription starts. A charge happens in the background and no data or worlds get lost.

Happy gaming!

Yep, I was very relieved to, in fact, discover that the transition was entirely smooth lol.

Thanks for the response!

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