Is there a way to upload journal entries from a back up file

This might be a weird question but I’ll try to explain it as best I can. I recently deleted a load of stuff from a world I’m running on. Turns out I had some notes in the journals section that I could really do with retreating. Now I have a backup of the world as it was when those journal entries in place, but the only way to upload those back to the world seems to be to overwrite the entire world. Is there a way to just upload the journal from those back up files. If I overwrite the whole thing I’m going to lose months of other work. I tried to just upload the journal section from my back up folder but it just sits on 0 percent and doesn’t do anything.
Its my own mistake deleting the old journals anything not checking through if there was anything I needed. Any ideas?

What you can do is to make a backup of your world, upload the old copy, then clone it, and restore your world from the most recent backup.
Then create a shared compendium and launched the clone of the old world, move the journals into it then import them into the most recent world from the compendium.
Does that make sense? If you need further help, let us know (you should find instructions on our faq here on how to export a backup and clone a world and create/use shared compendiums)
Good luck