Is there a best order in which to install modules?

I’m wondering if there is a preferred order for Modules to be installed into a complex Foundry world - I already know that models with dependencies will tick off and install those dependencies. I am wondering more about things like redundant features, parallel features, etc. Back in the early web content management days, if you were installing a platform like WordPress or Drupal (esp Drupal), there was a particular order in which you could install certain plugins/mods in order for them not to interfere with one another or cause unstable behavior.

I’ve installed the conflict manager and that’s been great for helping with redundancy or retired mods, but I feel like I might be causing myself headaches by installing mods like Mounlinette or Combat Utility Belt or MidiQOL too late after I’ve installed a bunch of other things and causing niggly little random issues - like Argon HUD works for the first ten minutes of a game then quits opening, or a certain character can’t execute any actions in combat anymore at all (not even from the right-click menu), when these things weren’t a problem earlier in group testing (like two weeks ago when I ran it locally) or when the game first fires up.

Anyway, I was just wondering if there is some group wisdom on the topic of which modules MUST be installed first and which MUST be installed last…

Thanks for all the work you folks do - this is a fantastic resource. I use Foundry VTT to run D&D 5e adventures for my grandkids who live 2 states away. We have a blast!

I’ll go first into modules, installation.
It does not matter what order you install them in. They aren’t “installed” / Applied to your game till you enable them in-world. And beyond that Foundry will load them depending on dependency, then by (I don’t know this part, but I would have a guess at name).

So modules will be loaded in the same order every time, whatever installation order.

For overlapping features, this is an issue you will encounter and you should be careful with what modules you install, as modules do not need to abide by each other. Some will overwrite others. Like MIDI QOL and Better Rolls. As they are all community made, there isn’t any claim unless we work together as a community, which we mostly have!

For your Argon issue there, it does sound like a Socket Disconnection issue, where your internet connection got interrupted and the connection never properly reconnects. This would make the sheets not renderable through the actor’s directory either, would need a reload to fix. That is a foundry issue though. If you can still open character sheets, it might be a module issue, but in that case disable all other modules to see if it isolated to the module, or if it is some other one that is connected.
If it is connected, try enabling 10 by 10 to see if the issue occurs. I’m sure you can find the culprit that way!

Thank you Kevin. This loading order by internal control makes sense… but also sounds like if any did overlap, the last one loaded would be the king. :slight_smile:

We tracked down our Argon HUD issue as related to an improper D&D Beyond character import - not paying attention to the RED letters at the bottom that indicated there were errors on import. Only those characters had the HUD issue. We deleted them, backed off all but perhaps 2 of the absolutely essential tick mark items in the D&D Importer checklist, and solved that problem.

Now I just need to figure out why the Warlock’s Fire Whip won’t go off. I probably turned off too many things in the importer. Ah, trial and error.

Thanks again!