Is the R20 converter available to license-holders without Patreon?

I purchased a foundry license, but I’m not currently a Patreon member. The download from the Github didn’t seem to have an .exe.

Just wondered if it was available from within this site after the license hurdle is cleared. Thanks!

I don’t know for sure, but I’d say I doubt it. R20 Converter has only ever been available by being a Patreon to KaKaRoTo, not to FoundryVTT. Just like Forge (up until release) has been available to KaKaRoTo Patreons only, not to Patreons of FoundryVTT.

Hi @gh0stdad,
R20Converter is unrelated to Foundry VTT patreon or licensing as it was developed by me, an independent developer, and not by Foundry’s own developer.

If you wish to get access to R20Converter, you will need to be a patreon of KaKaRoTo at the 5$ tier, so make sure you pledge to the right person. Once you do, Patreon should show you a welcome page (or the “My membership” page on my patreon profile) in which you’ll find the latest download link for R20Converter.
For the next couple of days, you’d also get access to The Forge by being a patron at that tier, if you wish to try out the service.

Let me know if you have any other questions.