Is switching back and forth between V9/V10 possible?

The title says it all. I upgraded to V10 and only migrated the two worlds I knew were compatible. D&D and Conan. I have an Alien RPG world that I haven’t migrated yet. Can I switch back to V9 to work in that world until they update the module?



Hi and welcome!
Unfortunately, no. Once a world has been migrated to v10, it won’t work on v9. Actually, since the changes to the world as so major in v10, it won’t even show up in v9 because it won’t recognize it anymore as a valid world.
If you want to test, I’d recommend you do the suggest world export, give it a try, and if it doesn’t work for you, restore the world from the backup.
I hope that helps!

I didn’t migrate them all. I have 5 worlds. Two D&D, one Conan, one One Ring and one Alien. I migrated just the Conan and D&D that I knew were good the others I haven’t. But If I switch back to V9 on the server preferences can I work on Alien or One ring and then move the server back to V10 and work on Conan or D&D.

Yes, you can definitely do that! Make sure you go to the Bazaar page to update all your systems and modules (which will either upgrade them or downgrade them based on your Foundry version).
Also be sure not to launch your v9 worlds in v10 by mistake :slight_smile:

Perfect thanks!
That’s what I was hoping for. :smiley:

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