Is Forge showing connection problems for anyone else?

I’ve checked my bandwidth and it’s pretty consistently 225Mbps down and 12 up. But both playing as a player and running Foundry VTT as a DM, I and my players are seeing significant interruptions in the last 2 weeks or so. They are intermittent - between 5 and 30 minutes apart and for about 3 to 5 minutes each. It really bogs down the game. The browser (Chrome or Edge) does not seem to exhibit high cpu or memory usage during this time.



I have been having performance issues on a World Builder account - I am still running v10, readying to upgrade. using a dnd5e world.
Tonight I had a session where I experienced some serious lagtimes.

Now, I have added some new modules to my module load so I cannot exclude those as a possibility. However, Using the Forge LiveKit A/V server was extremely poor.
I had to switchback to the freeware low utilization (thankfully, only running monthly sessions mostly)livekit hosted option that worked properly.

So I clearly had World Builder LiveKit Server issues.

As to laggy performance, it did exhibit itself on the GM login seeing some player actions register in the chat.

Hello, I have also have World Builder tier and the LiveKit performance is really bad (this is a streamed game, so we have fairly consistent speeds).

We are having lag, some users are dropping and upon reconnecting cannot see/hear other users so it may take several reconnections before it aligns.

Not the expected performance at all, especially given the investment in the platform.

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Well, it was not the main value-added I looked at when deciding on paying extra, but with that said, there clearly needs to be a greater investment in the scalability of the LiveKit servers to match demand.

Since I am not aware of all the back-end issues, I do not/would not presume to suggest any solutions.

From a customer perspective, I can declare that my players value greatly having live A/V game stream for all without external software. It would be great if it were thoroughly bullet proof and scalable for the current additional cost we pay.

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My players and I have been having issues getting the game to even load… getting the “your game is taking a while to load. Click here to troubleshoot” type error. I’ve got a game master level account and our game data is only 35% full. These are not massive games so I don’t think it’s that. Everything connected and loaded consistently a few weeks ago, now I’m having this issue.

Not sure what’s going on but very frustrated.

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Same thing here, the AV/livekit is getting choppier and choppier, had to change chat to discord. Also lag seems to be increasing.

There was unfortunately an issue with the Livekit server going down while server maintenance folk were unavailable last week, but it had been resolved

Issues with loading games are usually unrelated to the server but are closely tied to modules in use, world size, and hardware acceleration. It’s not related to free space on the server, but rather an all-or-nothing world download step over websocket that is between the Foundry server and the browser. It’s during this step that modules also initialize, and any unhandled error there (or even instability caused by excess browser load) can cause trouble with world loading

I’d recommend taking a look at The Gray Screen which goes into more detail on the above. If you open your browser dev tools (F12) and refresh the page, you may also see a specific error which would help us to hone in on the problem and help you troubleshoot it!

If you’re having trouble or that doesn’t help, please open a ticket in our Discord’s #ticket-support channel and post an invite to your game there, and one of us can hop into the world with you to help troubleshoot.

In the majority of cases that we encounter, trouble loading worlds relates to the specific data being loaded and the browser rather than a server side issue, but if it is coming from the server than your assistance in troubleshooting could help us to track it down and fix it!

As for the livekit server, it’s something we’re looking into after the recent event (which was due to a memory issue which we have resolved in a way that prevents it from happening again).

We endeavour to provide the best performance we can, and would like to invite you to report any encountered issues to our Discord server where we’ll be able to get eyes and fixers on it ASAP

I thought that I would post an update as I have tinkered with some things over the last few days. I checked out the troubleshooting guide and poked around on the forum here and found a few things. Here’s what I learned:

– I read somewhere that game worlds tend to experience issues when their databases reach 30mb+.
– I checked mine and each of my worlds were ~7mb or less. You can do the same by using the Forge controls to export your game worlds. Unzip the archive download and check out data folder… look for anything abnormally large.
– I was having more trouble with one of my worlds than the other, I opened that one in safe mode and was finally able to log in. I reactivated mods that I remembered being stable.
– I had recently installed a content module from Dragonshorn Studios and left that one disabled (scenes/actors/journal entries were already imported). Leaving this disabled didn’t harm any of my content.
– After doing this, my game world seems to be loading more consistently and is accessible to my players.
– While I haven’t tested hardware acceleration, this behavior makes me think there content module was causing some kind of conflict.

Sounds like it might be a module failing to load, or instability caused by loading too many modules (or some not initializing in time).

You could have a look at the dev tools console (F12) at time of loading if you fail to get in and post a screenshot of any errors you see there, if it’s still happening inconsistently, and it might explain what’s going wrong

Hi there,
i am from Europe and i have huge performance problems in my foundry games (loading scenes or opening the tile browser) AND on the forgevtt website in general. Even navigating to the Tavern here was challenging.

My internet connection, and wifi is fine. speedtests are OK and other websites are working normally. Hardware acceleration is active, I choose the server in my region and my world size is about 18MB.

Answering in the ticket you opened on Discord :+1:

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I’m experiencing a lot of slowness on the forgevtt site around game management and installing modules, and when I attempt to log in to the game it is timing out. Like the previous poster, I am in Europe, using a local server, and my internet connection and wifi are fine on other sites. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for the help

Hey there @momochakli

This is likely related to a server incident we’ve just announced on Discord which is impacting the EU region which we’re investigating. We hope to have it back up ASAP

Update: The specific issue in EU should now be resolved.
If you are still encountering the issue @momochakli, please let me know as it it may be a different issue

Thank’s for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face: