Iron Kingdoms - GURPS - [LFP][GURPS][free-to-play][14:00CET][Saturday][LGTBQ+ friendly]

Hello and thank you for your interest.
We (two of my regular players and me as GM) are looking for additional players to join our group.
We are just starting a new campaign. The rules are GURPS (don’t worry, newbees are welcome!).
Today we decided on the world we would like to play in: Iron Kingdoms - Full-Metal Fantasy.

The iron Kingdoms are a place of magic and technology, Steam Punk with magic and fantasy mixed in. I will provide some ‘fluff’ and background information on the Iron Kingdoms, the races available, religion, magic, the technology etc. so everyone is on the same starting point to play.

Session zero is planned for August 1st 2023. We are playing MEST 14:00 first and third Saturday every month.

There’s a catch: session language is German! (we have on non-native speaker from the US, so no worries if you’re not perfectly fluent)

Would love to hear from you.
Marko aka Nedorus

2-3 spots available…

Still 1-2 spot available…

we are still looking …