Internet connection down and unable to import Pathfinder beginner box adventure

Hello everyone,

I had serious issues with the new Foundry VTT v11.

I’m running PF2 Beginner Box (Official Module) and the different modules didn’t work very good, so I deactivated all. After reloading, no buttons work and I lost my connection. ¡MY ENTIRE CONNECTION! My computer wasn’t able to connect internet again. Not even restart solved the problem. I had to manually reset the TCP/IP stack, release and renew the IP address and reset the DNS client resolver cache.

That happened more than twice.

Today I tried loading a new world, and import the Pathfinder Beginner Box module. I did it, but when I import the adventure…

I got the next message “You have lost connection to the server, attempting to re-establish”.
And after that the “Import Adventure” button doesn’t work anymore.

Any ideas?

Hey there :wave:

The behavior of network interface and the loss of the websocket connection (“You have lost connection to the server, attempting to re-establish”) seems to imply that there might be a driver or hardware malfunction of some kind.

The lost websocket connection seems to be interrupting the import, too.
I did come across this once before, and I believe that in that case switching to another network interface (mobile tethering) temporarily was able to resolve it for the user. I’d recommend giving it a try! If that proceeds without issue, it’s important to double check your network hardware and drivers, since that implies there might be some kind of issue with the network interface or perhaps on the ISP’s side. It’s difficult to tell from a distance.

Another possible option is to do the adventure import entirely locally (using a local install of Foundry) and then running the Import Wizard from The Forge to upload your world onto Forge.

You might also want to view your Foundry logs from The Forge to see if there are any issues on the Foundry server itself that might be responsible for the websocket disconnection.

Hope this helps! Please post the results of your troubleshooting if you try these, hopefully we can look deeper into it!