Initiative roll in chat log adds a third value

So I am not sure which module is adding a third value to my DND5e initiative roll.
I get the d20 plus dexterity and then another number. This third number is the same for monsters but variable for PC’s.
The values are high, often above 20.
Any idea which module is jacking up my rolls?


So the calculation is adding the player or the monster’s dexterity value again to the total initiative.

Like this:
WW initiative roll

I believe this is a bug in the most recent dnd5e system which adds the character’s dexterity to the roll instead of as a percentage, if you have the “add initiative tie breaker” option in the system’s settings.

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This was it. I had the same issue, disabling the tie breaker settings fixed it, thanks. ^^

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Kakaroto: thank you sir! that was my problem.