Incredible Lag while trying to use the world


I have imported a game of Storm King’s Thunder, but I am experiencing a 3-4 second lag for every move I attempt to make. My internet speed is holding between 500-800mbps, I have uninstalled all of my modules, and I have dedicated my RAM to my browser (google chrome).

What else can I do to solve this issue?

Hello! this seems to be a recent issue for multiple people.
We are unsure of the cause of the issue, and one user found a “solution” to be:

I went through task manager and gave my browser high priority. 
I don't know what was going on since that's all I have running and I keep my background processes to an absolute minimum, but it helped a lot. 
Still lag, still floaty tokens, but the speed increased very, very significantly.  
The pause spinner has gone from jumpy to pretty close to even.
I held off on the exorcism since I don't think holy water and motherboards should be mixed generally 
but I've still got that in my back pocket should it come to that. 

which is a very temporary solution to this issue.

but, we would love more information on the matter →

Is this happening to all your players too?
Does it happen on a brand new world?
Are all modules disabled?