Incredible lag and unresponsive game world

Hi there. First time poster.

So Foundry and the Forge have been working beautifully for me for close to a year now. Logged into one of my game worlds the other week to prep for a game and noticed some significant slow down when moving tokens and editing journal entries. Had a session the other night and its only gotten worse in these areas. Came only very suddenly after running very smoothly the previous week. Very little has changed in the world since.

I’ve done a quick troubleshoot, following the world size troubleshoot guide. World size is topping out at 20MB which I wouldnt have thought would be large enough to cause a problem. I exported the world to have a look in the data, and theres nothing there that seems excessive. Journal is close to 7000KB and that is by far the largest. Not counting pack files. (Which to my understanding shouldnt cause slow down?)
Checked latency on my end and thats all smooth. Some setting in firefox that I figured could be causing problems don’t seem to be it either. Modules are also up to date.
The unresponsiveness is also the case for my group of 3 players if that narrows it down any. And I had a quick look on another much smaller world (essentially unused) which was a little more responsive but not greatly so.

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

That sounds like perhaps your browser lost access to the GPU so it’s working without hardware acceleration which would explain the significant slow down you mentioned, especially if you’re noticing the same issue with a blank new world.
The other possibility could be that a module received an update recently which has a bug that makes it use all the CPU and slows everything down, so you could try disabling all modules in the smaller world to see if it has any effect on the performance.
I hope this helps.

Hi, thanks for the response.
Your post did remind me that the hdmi port on my gpu has conked out on me recently so im running through the motherboards on board gpu. So I’m wondering if that might be something to do with it.
Just jumped on to check, have an adapter to try out a different port on my gpu, thought it was worth a shot. So in new and exciting news, the entirity of the map section of foundry has gone black. It’s doing this for every map I have uploaded. Swapped the hdmi back to the onboard graphics, still black. I am very confused.

Humm… yeah, it’s quite possible that the onboard GPU is being used and is therefore less capable. It’s also possible that simply switching the GPU used caused the browse to “lose the GPU context” which basically means it’s forced to do software emulation because it can’t talk to the GPU driver anymore.
If you switch GPU, I’d recommend you restart your browser to make sure it has switched to the correct driver, as it can’t do it while the browser is open.
As for the black screen… the only thing I can think of is if you use images that are larger than what the GPU can support (usually it’s 16384 pixels in either direction, but onboard GPUs, or older laptops will only support 8196 or even 4096 pixels maximum). You can check your “max texture size” limits from here: WebGL Report
I hope this helps.

You’re a saint!
Rebooting the browser brought my maps back. Doing that alongside swapping to my port via the adaptor I found has also solved the lag. So your point about GPU seems to have been the issue. Thank you!!! If it was a snake it would have bit me.

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Awesome, glad to know it’s resolved! :partying_face:
Enjoy your games :slight_smile: