Imported scene unable to display background, and breaks Foundry/Firefox

I recently imported my world over to the forge, but for some reason, one of the scenes just refuse to work properly.

I have a number of quite big scenes so some of their background images was over the asset limit, the broken scene is one of them. However, for all the other maps I could simply save backgrounds as .webp, change the background to those, and they would all work.

The only exception is the broken scene, the background image is under the asset limit, but if I attempt to change the background to it, firefox either crashes completely, or I get a completely empty canvas (as in, nothingness, no gridlines or anything). If the latter happens, I can no longer open ANY scene, they all cause the error “You are using a scene background texture with dimensions Xpx x Ypx. One or both of these dimensions exceeds the maximum texture size of nullpx supported by your device”, even when they’re only like 700x700.

If I set the background to null, then I can load the scene, but that obviously isn’t going to work.
The scene is 8100x16200 and the background file is ~20mb, but I have bigger maps that are 16200x16200 with larger background images that do work. The only difference I can think of is that this scene has a lot of walls?

I have confirmed I have hardware acceleration turned on, and I get the following in the console:

My first suggestion is try on Chrome instead, see if it can stand up to it, so you can do surgery on the broken stuff.

Interesting, it does appear to work just fine on Chrome. However, when I go back to Firefox, it still crashes/breaks everything.

So this is great in the sense that I can get around it and just play on Chrome. That said, Firefox is my primary browser, so I’d prefer making it work there.

My initial thought would be that there’s simply too many computations for Firefox to handle, so I tried disabling a bunch of light sources, but that changed nothing. The weirdest thing about that though is that it does work on Firefox without a background…

What specific Firefox Version are you on?

I’m using Firefox 86.0 (x64). Which, according to Firefox itself, is the latest version

That is super odd… I’d say maybe try to fiddle it around on Chrome, see if you can make it work? Chrome performs better in basically all metrics though, so it might just be better.

I’m not sure what to fiddle around with though.
I mean, I could add a few walls to cut off areas my players aren’t visiting, but I don’t think that’ll change anything in terms of opening the scene. Are there any other ways to display something as a background without having it set as the background?

You can drop it in as a tile instead, just gotta work to get it sized right and lined up.

That worked. I tried setting the background as one whole tile, but that still crashed. Then I split it into 3 smaller tiles, and then it works on Firefox as well. Thanks for the help, Aeristoka!

That is weird… But glad to help :smiley: