Import into Foundry asking for passwords

Hi there,
I exported my game from Forge-VTT as I wish to play it “locally” now.
It imported fine, however when I open the game it’s asking for a password.
I log into Forge-vtt via patreon, and it’s not accepting the patreon password (because I am assuming it just sends an encrypted access token rather than actual passwords).

It’s also asking for player passwords, but I’m guessing I can change them once I get admin access.
What do I need to do to access this game?

Is it simply a matter of switching it to public on Forge-VTT before export?

Same question here - Did you get an answer, funkyj?
This was on the Discord

  1. Can someone remind me what to do for user passwords when I export my Forge world and want to open it in Local Foundry? How do you reset the password DB again?

n/m. it’s “deleted Users.db and log in as Gamemaster” - In Edit World, you can select to reset user pw. that lets you in then