Import broke existing campaign by placing images in a different location

I imported two campaigns that have been running for a while on self hosting and all the image links broke leading to an array of issues. On investigation it looks like the importer put the old campaign’s data in a foundrydata directory such that the paths change from “ddb-images\characters” to “foundrydata\ddb-images\characters” for example. So I thought I would fix this by selecting the offending directory (ddb-images" in this case) and move it to the root of assets. However when I select the check box on the directory or file I want to move and the dialog pops up to move it the move button doesn’t do anything.

Can anyone enlighten me on what I’m doing wrong at any stage here? I think I can get this working by either fixing the import or getting move to work, but I’ve been playing with it for over a couple hours and am not making any progress with it or searches here for information on what I might be doing wrong.


I figured out that you need to import each subdirectory individually for this to work so that is the base problem solved, However I still can’t get move to work.

Hi, I think the issue is that you imported the foundrydata folder instead of foundrydata/Data folder. I’m not sure why you say your folder is foundrydata/ddb-images as I assume it would have been foundrydata/Data/ddb-images.
As for the ‘move button’ in the pop up at the bottom, it’s actually to let you drag it, you can just drag/drop it the folder, or drag from the move button. In this case, you would drop it on the “Assets library” section of the path at the top. like this :

I recommend you redo your import (any already uploaded file would not get re-uploaded), since the import wizard will also rewrite the world database to use the assets library, which will make accessing your media files much faster, as it would use the CDN.
I hope that helps.