I'm looking for a module to help chose who to hit

Can anyone tell me if there is a module that will let “Fate” decide which character the NPC chooses to attack? There is a module on another VTT that is called “Token-Fate” that makes it very easy to chose the player to be attacked by the current baddie. It’s the only feature that made that VTT enticing to me. If you know the name of a module that would perform this action could you please post it here. I work 3 jobs and have been scouring the modules to the point I can no longer remember what I have seen.

Thanks so much for your help!
~ Trixie ~

Depending on what you are trying to do, here are a few option:

I will check these out. I just like to simplify where ever I can and I was just at a total loss.

Of those, only Wheel of Fortune was updated recently, FYI

You could also create just a simple roll table for your game to use as well, but if you are wanting to expand it beyond just your players you’d end up having to update it semi-regularly (which wouldn’t be all that difficult either, really).

Good luck!