Icons and Portraits are broken in compendium

I’ve installed compendiums and they link to an icon which does not exist (mystery-man.png).

I have tried to use the compendium image mapper mod with no luck. is there a way to add that image to the core files? I’d rather not try to hand map 1000+ compendium entries. Thank you in advance.

I’ve run this in my desktop version and have no problem as my desktop and forge are both 0.7.7 with my desktop version having that file present. Both are running DnD5E 1.1.1.

It looks like that file was deleted from Foundry in the 0.7.3 release : https://gitlab.com/foundrynet/foundryvtt/-/issues/3652
It should not work for you on your local installation either, unless the Foundry updater simply overwrites existing files but doesn’t do a clean install, which may be why the files were left over.

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Thank you for the help!