[Hunter: the Vigil - Concrete Shadows] [Thursdays 1.30 PM GMT/8:30 AM EST] [4 hour sessions] [LFG] [Foundry VTT] [Paid] [$15]

Hunter: the Vigil - Concrete Shadows
In the concrete jungle of New York City, your characters, a group of streetwise hustlers and underground operatives, are thrust into a world where the line between crime and the occult is razor-thin. Amidst the towering skyscrapers and neon-lit streets, dark forces lurk, manipulating the city’s fate from the shadows. You’ll navigate the treacherous underworld of organized crime while delving into the mysteries of forbidden rituals and supernatural entities that call the city home.
Strike deals with ancient powers, outmaneuver rival factions, and uncover the sinister truth behind New York’s darkest secrets. Survive the streets, break the law, and defy death itself. Beware, for in this city, even the shadows have teeth.
Campaign: Concrete Shadows offers a blend of occult mystery, noir, horror and crime themes, providing plenty of opportunities for roleplaying, investigation and combat. The campaign will be tailored to your characters’ interests and backstories.
**System: **Hunter: the Vigil 2e
**Cost: **$15/player per session via PayPal. Session 0 free.
**Player slots: **3 of 5 available.
**Schedule: **Weekly Thursdays, 1:30 pm GMT/8:30 AM EST, 4 hour sessions.
**GM: **I have 11 years of TTRPG experience as a GM. I always tailor my campaigns to player preference and character’s interests. My job is to immerse you into the setting, hopefully make you care about the characters and the world around them - and to make it all fun for everyone involved.