HTML to scene module

New to Forge and just setting up my first game on here. With my desktop run games I am using the HTML-to-Scene module - but it does not seem to like running on The Forge. I’m aware that this module has not been updated to Foundryv10, but even when I switched to running Foundry v9 on the Forge, it does not work. The module says it is installed, but nothing even showing up in the settings.

Any ideas? Is there an alternative that would work? Thanks

Hey there :wave:
Your dev tools console might have some more information about why that module is not available in the manage modules page.

Usually it’s because one of two reasons:

A) There wasn’t a Stop and Start of the server from The Forge after installing/updating the module or changing the Foundry server version. Foundry needs the server restart to load changed packages.

B) There’s a mismatch or incompatibility between the version of the module that’s being run and the Foundry server version, or the module has a restriction to a specific system.

I’d recommend you make certain that you’ve got Foundry 9.280 selected on The Forge and The Forge page if you’re using Game Manager, and that you’re using v1.3.0 of the HTML-To-Scene module. Stop and Start your server, and then check the dev tools console (F12) in game for any errors about compatibility/validation/filtering being logged there. :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

Thanks for rapid response. So, I’ve Stop / Started the server, and checked I’m using Foundry 9.280 and HTML-to-scene 1.3.0 - and - still nothing there.

Figured out the dev console and all I can see that looks like an error is right at the top where it says, just beneath the “Welcome to the Forge!”:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module core.js:1

Further down the only reference to html-to-scene I can see is a reference to "Loaded localisation file " and then a link to the asset (

Does any of that make any sense? It’s way beyond me!


I’ve checked the module ( on Foundry 9.280 and confirmed that there aren’t any Forge related errors preventing the module from starting up or being added in Manage Modules.

:thinking: I’m not certain what is going wrong in your particular instance, but I’d recommend Stopping your server and then re-installing that particular module from the Bazaar. Try to create a completely new world without any other modules and enable it there.

If you normally run Chrome, try running Firefox to test it. Maybe a security extension in your default browser is preventing the module from running.

If you’re still having trouble, please join us on the Forge Discord server and create a ticket in #ticket-support and post an invite to your game. We might be able to make more progress troubleshooting it from the inside!

I will have a play with it - although I will admit that in the interim I found another module (inline viewer) that allows me to do the same. The module description does not really indicate that it has this functionality, but you can use it to set up a scene that basically works as a browser. And inline viewer works fine on Forge. So for now I have a work around - that may turn out to be a better solution. We shall see. Either way, thank you for your help.