How to use a coupon on The Forge

Coupons and The Forge

While our prices are already incredibly low here at The Forge, we will (rarely) offer discounts on our website. As of right now, these coupons only apply to subscriptions created on our service. In the future, we may enable coupons for use on The Bazaar, and other surrounding services.

Applying a Subscription Coupon

A subscription coupon will only apply if the payment is being made at the time of checkout, or if the user is beginning their initial 14-day free trial. The coupon will only apply once.

To apply a coupon, navigate to your My Account page. Select the blue “Manage Subscriptions” button. On the first screen, for “Plans”, navigate to the bottom right. Above the “Cancel” and “Next” buttons, there is a text box labelled “Coupon Code”. Copy and paste your coupon code into this textbox, and then proceed with adding your subscription as normal.

Need help adding/upgrading a subscription in general? We have a guide to doing so here.