How to transfer premium content from foundry to the forge

Hi, i have several premium module on my Foundry account (5 module of Alien RPG from free league) and i wondered how i could transfer them to the forge. I have tried transfering the module with the wizard but when i launch foundry through the forge i have those kind of warnings :

Invalid signature for protected module "alienrpg-cmom"

Anyone knows what i should do ?

Thanks you in advance.

Ok i found why, i add my friend licence to the forge first and mine was second when i deleted is key it worked. But, is there a way to make it work with is ?

Hey there :wave:
The first license key in your list of licenses on Forge is used to determine your account’s entitlements to premium content. If your content is linked to multiple Foundry accounts, this means that you will need to pick which license key to put first, (and which Foundry account to use). Please also be aware of Foundry’s license