How to Share Content Between Worlds

i did, a couple of times, even started other servers to see if i could found it there, no luck

I’ve tried several times now to create a shared compendium following the instructions. I get the message saying its been successfully created and I see the compendiums that I’ve created in the Bazaar. However, none of them have appeared in the Manage Module listing in my game world. I have stopped and restarted the server multiple times. What am I doing wrong here?

I am still on Foundry v8.9, if that makes a difference.

They might be disabled for 0.8.9, I’ll have a look at it.

Have you tried stopping and starting the server after making the compendium?

Yes, multiple times.

Thanks for responding.

Indeed, it looks like we have dropped support for new compendiums for older versions.

I’ve contacted my colleges and we’ll see if we can return it :smiley:

You can download this one though, it should work:

Hi. I’m exporting across systems, so I’m only selecting Journals, Scenes, and Roll Tables. I’m able to activate the module and the compendium folders now show in the new world. However, they’re empty. It doesn’t look like the actual journal entries, scenes, and tables actually migrated. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!

Hi there :wave: It’s a bit tricky to tell where the problem might be coming in.

Did you populate the compendium after creating it? When you first create it, it creates with empty folders. Then, you drag content into the different folders to populate it, just like a normal new compendium.

The difference is that this compendium sits on a level above your world, so you’ll be able to see its contents in every world where you’ve activated it.

Oh, no I didn’t. I completely missed i was supposed to do that. I’m not gone right now, but I’ll try that and see if it works. Thank you!

I have made a shared compendium and imported it to another world, however the “Import all Content” feature does not seem to be working.

Doing each entry individually works fine, but there’s quite a bit in this compendium and I would rather not do it by hand, so i’d like to know if there’s anything I might do about it?

Thank you.

Hey there @knight_brolaire

This might be due to one of the entities in the shared compendium having invalid data according to either a module or the active system.

I’d recommend keeping an eye on your dev tools console (F12) when you run the Import All Content function, it’s likely failing on a specific entity, and knowing which one it is would likely mean getting a step closer to fixing it (or removing that one entity).

I have tried this and have come up unsuccessful every time. I have tried what you say in this forum (restarting and simplifying the download to just scenes and journals) but to no avail. I am switching from Sandbox to Hero System 6e if that makes a difference. I save the modules settings from Sandbox but then I cannot get them to show up in the Hero System world. any help would be appreciated. Thank you

I do believe compendiums are now system specific, you’ll encounter some issues using them in multiple systems. You might want to export it, change the “system” and “id/name”, and then re-upload, so you have 2 versions.

Like @Kevin said, shared compendiums are system specific due to the actors and items packs that require a system. What you could do instead is to create a new shared compendium that would be system agnostic, make sure you edit the packs and remove actors and items packs and leave only the scenes and journals so it can be used in both systems. Then export your scenes/journals to the new pack.

My issue is even if I only choose Scenes to migrate over in the creation tool I have to pick the system and then that limits which system can “see” the compendium:

I hope the image comes through so you can see there is the default system I have to pick and then that limits that I can’t even make is system agnostic like you suggested. any other thoughts I would love or maybe something I have overlooked?

You actually don’t, you just have the option of selecting one. In your screenshot, you can’t click the Create button because you haven’t specified a name yet for the compendium.
See the example below:

I can’t create the compendium because of the Actors pack with no system specified (and the whole shared compendium doesn’t have a system set either). But if I delete the Actors pack, the Create Compendium button becomes clickable, even if I didn’t select a system for the module (as long as I do have a name set for the compendium to create).

I hope that helps.