How to set up Bazaar Tags as a Bazaar Creator

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About Bazaar Tags

Bazaar tags are a way of marking a package as being a certain type of content. This helps improve discoverability on The Bazaar. For example, users can search specifically for content tagged map package when they are looking for map packages/scene compendiums, helping them to find what they’re looking for, and helping drive further sales for the creator. In other words, Bazaar tags are a win-win for both users and creators.

How to set Bazaar tags

Bazaar tags can be set per package, via the package’s page on your creator dashboard. Five tags can be selected per package. Newly submitted packages require at least one tag to be set per package, going forward.

Creators can select pre-existing tags, and create their own. The Forge generally recommends starting with pre-existing tags, since these will be the default displayed to users when given the option of searching/filtering using them. In addition…

Parent and Child Tags

Default tags also offer the benefit of allowing creators to utilize the parent tag system. In effect, this means that if you select a tag within a category, a package will also be tagged for that category. This means that if you select the one shot tag for a package, that package will also be marked with the adventure tag, meaning users searching for either-or will have your content displayed in either search, barring any other search criteria.

In effect, this means you can select two or more tags, for the price of one!