How to set "currently launched Foundry world" without game manager?

On the “Games Configuration” page, the setting “currently launched Foundry world” is set to None and cannot be changed. This happened after I temporarily uploaded a second world and launched it once to explore how multi-world management works.

When I start the game, Foundry now launches into Setup, instead of launching the world directly. How do I get Forge to start launching the world directly again?
I have tried deleting the second world and selecting the one remaining world manually in the Foundry Setup and launching it that way. But that doesn’t seem to rejig the Forge setting.

The field to track the currently launched world does indeed appear to not be updating, but that is a tracker rather than a setting to start the world on subsequent starts of the server.

Once the server stops or idles out the server will launch back into the Setup on the next start.

Apologies @reen
I was off-base in my previous post How to set "currently launched Foundry world" without game manager? - #2 by phi

The currently launched world field is updated when the game is idled. After it has been idled, you will automatically load back into it when you start the server. The setting gets reset on a server Stop.

That means that you can launch into your desired world, and just let it idle, and it will behave the way you expect it to.

Aha! I noticed the server somehow reset itself to start directly in the one remaining game.
But I didn’t know why or how I might bring this about if needed again. Now I do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying! :smiley:

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Anytime! Happy gaming!