How to install Patreon exclusive modules

Patreon Integration on The Forge

Disclaimer: Our Patreon integration is currently in legacy support. We hope to offer a new model of Patreon integration in the future.

The Forge makes it easy to install premium content offer through our Patreon integration. If you want to obtain Patreon content offered through this integration, take the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the creator is supported by our Patreon integration, and that you are supporting them at the appropriate level.
  2. Link your Patreon account to your Forge account, if you have not done so already. You can do so here. You may need to wait for a few minutes after first syncing your Patreon account, or after subscribing to a creator for the integration to work.
  3. Navigate to the creator’s Patreon-locked content on The Forge, and select the “unlock/install” button. You will now have access to their content in-game, after you have enabled their module in the world. (Please note that to apply installed modules, you will need to stop and restart any active worlds.)

We hope to feature a new Patreon release model on The Forge in the future!

It’s not working here. :frowning:

Hello, patreon might be a bit slow right now since it is the 1-3rd of the month.
I would also recommend for you to go to “account”, and check if your patreon is linked, and if it is, refresh your pledge.

Yes, my patreon account has been linked for a few months and has never worked in the store. I have no access to the contents of Baileywiki, JB2 and dragonfire. In this way, I am downloading everything manually.

Even doing it manually, the dragonfire module has not been working on my forge for almost 2 months …

EDIT: [working now] THX

I’m currently blocked by Forge from using Baileywiki’s stuff manually (using the JSON link he provides in premium posts) and when I try and refresh my pledges using my linked Patreon account I just got 504: Gateway errors. It’s kind of a bummer to not have access to the stuff you pay for.

This might be on patreons side, but I’ll have a look. As on the first, pledges gets updated.
I am not sure why you would get the gateway error. Does it work if you try it locally?

I am unable to download the JB2A premium module in the forge. When I look at the link settings with Patreon in the Forge, it is not set to jb2a, but to the URL of my Patreon account page. How can I set it to jb2a?

Of course, I am a patron of JB2A.
I have registered the same email address for both Forge and Patreon.

Hello! So even thought it’s the 5, I’ll remind people that patreon is a bit slow at times.

It seems like you haven’t linked your patreon over at Your account. It is at the bottom, under account information.

Thanks for the way to link with Patreon.
I was able to link and install the module!

When I checked, I was able to register as a patron on Patreon, but for some reason I was not able to select a Tier.
So it seems that the link between Forge and Patreon was not working properly. That’s strange!

Hi! I’m also having problems with JB2A. My JB2A pledge is not showing up amongst my other Patreon pledges linked with the Forge. Is there a way to install the paid module manually?

Hello there!

I’m unable to link my patreon account to my forge account. I get this error when doing the link procedure via My Account:

I don’t know what to do, is there anybody who could help? I pledged on Patreon for JB2A but I won’t be able to use the animations because of this I’m afraid :frowning:

There was some issues with patreon that I noticed yesterday night, possibly they had some problems and that would likely explain the error you’re seeing (which basically says “could not authenticate you with Patreon”). Can you try again and see if it’s resolved? I haven’t seen any new issues with Patreon since last night (and that lasted about 30 minutes, you were just unlucky I suppose).

It is indeed working now :smiley: Have a good day!