How to gift a subscription on The Forge


A lot of people enjoy using The Forge, and the convenience it offers at an inexpensive price. They enjoy it so much, in fact, that many Forge users want to purchase their friends or GMs the gift of a Forge subscription.

However, the method for purchasing a subscription can be somewhat opaque. We detail how to gift a subscription below.

Gifting a Subscription

On The Forge, there isn’t a direct way to gift a subscription. However, users can purchase and send gift cards, which will add to a person’s balance on The Forge. This balance can be used toward purchasing subscription time.

Gift Cards and Tax

Users should be aware that while the base price of our subscriptions are listed, we are unable to list the pricing including tax. While this may appear irregular to users in certain jurisdictions, it is an unfortunate limitation of our website- we cannot know whether a user will be charged tax until they have provided their billing address in checkout.

If you are purchasing a gift card for someone to fully pay for a subscription with, we recommend accounting for any sales tax in their jurisdiction so that they will receive the correct amount.

Buying a Gift Card

We have a guide to buying and gifting content on The Bazaar (including gift cards) here: How to Purchase and Access Content from The Bazaar