How to edit permissions granted by Trusted User (or other) roles when using User Manager

Is there a way to edit the permissions the Trusted User role grants when using the User Manager? I can’t seem to get to the menu that controls individual permissions for each role.

So my solution to do this was to Export the world → data/settings.db file and find the item with the “core.permissions” key. From here, you can add a number to indicate which role should have each permission (1=User, 2=Trusted User, 3=Asst. GM, 4=GM).

After you update the settings.db, simply reupload the world and overwrite your existing one. As long as you don’t change anything else it should be fine.

I would still recommend making a copy of your world just in case!

Hi ellev,
yes that is one way to do it, although we generally dont recommend modifying *.db files as it can easily corrupt them (plus you need to muck around with downloading and uploading).
The way to do it with the Game manager turned on is in the Games configuration page in the Game Manager menu inside Forge.

Hi Mushie, thanks, I agree it is risky.

What you are mentioning changes the roles assigned to players. What I was describing was a way to change the permissions which are assigned to roles. Normally you would do it in the below menu, which appears to be disabled in Forge if using the User Manager:

Specifically, I was wanting to give Trusted Players permission to create Items, which was not granted by default to Trusted Player role.

Ahh - you can do that in the configure settings tab under settings in the Foundry game.

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