How to delete content from your data storage

Data Storage

A Forge account’s data storage contains non-asset files, mainly files that allow for a module, system, or world to function. It’s basically all the behind the scenes information that keeps Foundry VTT worlds running, and tells Foundry VTT how to run.

Deleting Data

Sometimes, this data is no longer needed. For the most part, installing publicly available modules and systems will consume very little data on a Forge account- instead, it is hosted for free. Modules and systems can be uninstalled by navigating to a user’s installed category on The Bazaar, and uninstalling them there.

However, worlds necessarily have to use some storage, even if installing a pre-made world. And in some cases, modules have to consume user storage in order to function, and custom/Foundry Gaming premium modules will always consume the user’s data storage.

We explain how to delete this data below:

How to delete files in data storage

Warning: Before proceeding, we recommend making a backup of any worlds, and custom modules. Once you have deleted your content on The Forge, it cannot be retrieved.

  1. First, make sure you are logged into The Forge.
  2. Navigate to your My Foundry page.
  3. Near the top of the page, you should see a button labelled “Select Data Files to Delete”. Select this button.
  4. You will be shown something like the following menu:
    image Navigate to the tab in which you wish to delete content from- between Worlds, Systems, Modules, or Others.
  5. Select the data file you wish to delete. You will be given a pop-up confirmation window. Make sure to double check at this point that you are deleting the correct file!
  6. Input the confirmation code, and select the red “Delete” button. Warning: This is your last chance to cancel the deletion. Once the button is pressed, the file is gone for good.

The data file is now deleted. If the file deleted was a module, you will need to restart any world with that module active in order for the deletion changes to be applied.

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