How to copy/clone a Foundry VTT world on The Forge

Cloning/Copying a Foundry World

Copying a world is simple. Go to your My Foundry page, and select the clone world button, the blue button pictured to the right.

You will then get a popup menu, showing you the worlds available for you to clone:

Select the world you wish to clone. You will then be asked what folder name you want the cloned world to go in, and the cloned world’s new title.

Once you have filled out these details, select the “Clone World” button. You should see a header appear stating “World cloned successfully”.

If you are subscribed at the story-teller tier or higher, you should see the world appear in your list of games on your My Foundry page. If you are subscribed at the Game Master tier, it will appear in your usual list of worlds on your Foundry table, within the setup menu.

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