How to Access Module Folders?

Hello everyone. I have a mod (Squeaker) that is asking for a path name to a file in its Module folder. The mod doesn’t have a File Picker button. How do I access the Modules data folders in the Forge, so I can import a file?

The value to the file in the module folder is already prefilled when you install the module.
If you want to add a new sound, you can upload the file to your assets manager and just use the path after “Assets Library” / xxx / xxx / xxx. It should work.

So if you have an audio file called sound.wav in Assets Library/some/sounds, then you need to add some/sounds/sound.wav in the field.

Pretty sure it works.
That module hasn’t been updated in a while, but you could also request the author for a file picker option and maybe they will add it.

I don’t get why a module would ask you to enter the path to a file within its own module…
But to get the url to an asset, from the assets library page on the forge site, you can also click the 3 dots and copy link to get the url of a specific file from the assets library.

Ah. I forgot that you don’t necessarily need to store the sound files in the module’s directory; it can be stored anywhere. Thank you for the help!

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