How do players log into a game?

Hello! Brand new forge and foundry user here. As GM I have the “Gamemaster” subscription.

I’ve created a PF2E world and have created users in that world. I send them the invite link that shows up on my Forge page, but they get sent to Forge and don’t have any active games.

When I go to configure players on my Forge server configuration page, I don’t see an option to add players. I see the GM account, and a test player account, but I don’t see how to let players into the world that I have created. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I don’t a way to connect the invite to my server instance.

What am I missing? Thanks!

Hey there :wave:

Hmm, you might be sharing the game URL with them rather than the invitation link. Head to The Forge and make sure to copy the invitation link via the button there

Once you’ve launched and logged in yourself as a GM in that world, you can add Foundry users from User Management

Hope that helps!

That looks like exactly what I did. Thank you for the quick response!

No worries! You mentioned that the players see

but they get sent to Forge and don’t have any active games

The active games there might be the issue. If they are invited, but your server is not active, they won’t be able to launch it themselves

Make sure your server status on The Forge is not Stopped or idle


And make sure that you’ve Launched into the world in question on Foundry rather than being on the Foundry setup screen where you have to select worlds from. Your players won’t be able to access the game if the world is not currently running, unless you are on the Storyteller tier of Forge and have activated the Game Manager feature :slight_smile:

It might help to get and post a screenshot from one of your players showing what they see when they try to access the game!

Just popping in to say that everything is working, and your advice was spot on. We had a little test session last night to kick the tires and prepare for the campaign.

Thank you!

Awesome! Glad to hear it!